The Ten Books on Architecture, 9.5.2

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

2Under its belly, at the tail, is the Centaur. Near the cup and Leo is the ship Argo, whose prow is hidden, but the mast and parts about the steerage are clearly seen. The Ship and its poop touch the tip of the Dog’s tail. The smaller Dog is behind the Twins at the head of the Snake, and the larger follows the smaller Dog. Orion lies transversely under, pressed on by the hoof of the Bull, holding a shield in his left hand and with the club in his right hand raised towards Gemini;

Morgan translation

2Beneath the Snake’s belly, at the tail, lies the Centaur. Near the Bowl and the Lion is the ship named Argo. Her bow is invisible, but her mast and the parts about the helm are in plain sight, the stern of the vessel joining the Dog at the tip of his tail. The Little Dog follows the Twins, and is opposite the Snake’s head. The Greater Dog follows the Lesser. Orion lies aslant, under the Bull’s hoof; in his left hand grasping his club, and raising the other toward the Twins.