The Ten Books on Architecture, 9.4.1

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

4The Great Bear, which the Greeks call ἄρκτος, and also ἑλίκη, has his keeper behind him. Not far distant is the constellation of the Virgin, on whose right shoulder is a very brilliant star, called by us Provindemia Major, and by the Greeks προτρύγετος, which shines with extraordinary lustre and colour. Opposite to it is another star, between the knees of the Keeper of the Bear, which bears the name of Arcturus.

Morgan translation

4The Great Bear, called in Greek ἁρκτος or ἑλἱκη, has her Warden behind her. Near him is the Virgin, on whose right shoulder rests a very bright star which we call Harbinger of the Vintage, and the Greeks προτρυγητἡς. But Spica in that constellation is brighter. Opposite there is another star, coloured, between the knees of the Bear Warden, dedicated there under the name of Arcturus.