The Ten Books on Architecture, 7.1.6

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

6After the first layer of rubbish on the floor, this composition is spread over it, and pounded into a mass not less than a foot thick. The upper layer being then spread, as above directed, the pavement, consisting of tesseræ, each about two inches thick, is laid, with an inclination of two inches to ten feet: if thus executed, and afterwards properly rubbed, it will not be liable to defects. In order that the mortar at the joints may not suffer by the frost, at the approach of winter every year it should be saturated with the dregs of oil, which will prevent the frost affecting it.

Morgan translation

6Having made the bedding, lay on this mixture of broken stone, and let it be not less than a foot thick when the beating is finished. Then, after laying the nucleus, as above described, construct the floor of large cubes cut about two digits each way, and let it have an inclination of two digits for every ten feet. If it is well put together and properly rubbed down, it will be free from all flaws. In order that the mortar in the joints may not suffer from frosts, drench it with oil-dregs every year before winter begins. Thus treated, it will not let the hoarfrost enter it.