The Ten Books on Architecture, 4.8.7

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

7I have, according to the rules taught to me, explained the different principles on which temples are constructed, the different orders and symmetry of their detail, wherein and how they respectively differ; and this I have written to the best of my ability. I shall now describe the altars of the immortal gods, and their situation as adapted to sacrifices.

Morgan translation

7I have now set forth, as they have come down to me, all the principles governing the building of temples, have marked out under separate heads their arrangements and proportions, and have set forth, so far as I could express them in writing, the differences in their plans and the distinctions which make them unlike one another. Next, with regard to the altars of the immortal gods, I shall state how they may be constructed so as to conform to the rules governing sacrifices.