The Ten Books on Architecture, 4.8.2

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

2But if the building be peripteral, two steps, and then the pedestals are built thereunder; the wall of the cell is raised at a distance from the pedestals of about one fifth of the whole diameter, and in the middle is left an opening for the door. The clear diameter of the cell within the walls, is to be equal to the height of the columns above the pedestals. The columns round the cell are proportioned as above directed.

Morgan translation

2But if such a temple is to be constructed in peripteral form, let two steps and then the stylobate be constructed below. Next, let the cella wall be set up, recessed within the stylobate about one fifth of the breadth thereof, and let a place for folding doors be left in the middle to afford entrance. This cella, excluding its walls and the passage round the outside, should have a diameter equivalent to the height of a column above the stylobate. Let the columns round the cella be arranged in the symmetrical proportions just given.