The Ten Books on Architecture, 4.6.2

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

2The thickness of the dressings in front is to be equal to one-twelfth of the height of the door, and they are to diminish towards the top a fourteenth part of their width. The height of the architrave is to be equal to the upper part of the dressing. The cymatium is to be a sixth part of the dressing; its projection equal to its thickness. The cymatium is to be sculptured in the Lesbian form, with an astragal. Above the cymatium of the architrave of the dressing (supercilium), the frieze (hyperthyrum), is placed, and it is to have a Doric cymatium, with a Lesbian astragal, in low relief. Over this the corona is placed, unornamented, and with a cymatium. Its projection is to equal the height of the supercilium placed over the architrave of the dressing. On the right and left, projectures are made; and the cymatia of the dressings are connected by a mitre.

Morgan translation

2Further, the jambs themselves should be diminished at the top by one fourteenth of their width. The height of the lintel should be equivalent to the width of the jambs at the top. Its cymatium ought to be one sixth of the jamb, with a projection equivalent to its height. The style of carving of the cymatium with its astragal should be the Lesbian. Above the cymatium of the lintel, place the frieze of the doorway, of the same height as the lintel, and having a Doric cymatium and Lesbian astragal carved upon it. Let the corona and its cymatium at the top of all be carved without ornamentation, and have a projection equal to its height. To the right and left of the lintel, which rests upon the jambs, there are to be projections fashioned like projecting bases and jointed to a nicety with the cymatium itself.