The Ten Books on Architecture, 3.4.5

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

5But if there is to be a podium on three sides of the temple, the plinths, bases of the columns, columns, coronæ, and cymatium, may accord with the stylobata, under the bases of the columns. The stylobata should be so adjusted, that, by means of small steps or stools, it may be highest in the middle. For if it be set out level, it will have the appearance of having sunk in the centre. The mode of adjusting the steps (scamilli impares), in a proper manner, will be shewn at the end of the book.

Morgan translation

5But if a podium is to be built on three sides round the temple, it should be so constructed that its plinths, bases, dies, coronae, and cymatiumare appropriate to the actual stylobate which is to be under the bases of the columns.

The level of the stylobate must be increased along the middle by the scamilli impares; for if it is laid perfectly level, it will look to the eye as though it were hollowed a little. At the end of the book a figure will be found, with a description showing how the scamilli may be made to suit this purpose.