The Ten Books on Architecture, 3.2.2

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

2A temple is called IN ANTIS, when it has antæ or pilasters in front of the walls which enclose the cell, with two columns between the antæ, and crowned with a pediment, proportioned as we shall hereafter direct. There is an example of this species of temple, in that of the three dedicated to Fortune, near the Porta Collina.

Morgan translation

2It will be a temple in antis when it has antae carried out in front of the walls which enclose the cella, and in the middle, between the antae, two columns, and over them the pediment constructed in the symmetrical proportions to be described later in this work. An example will be found at the Three Fortunes, in that one of the three which is nearest the Colline gate.