The Ten Books on Architecture, 10.11.8

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

8the width of the interior slips, one sixteenth of a hole; its thickness five forty-eighths of a hole: the cheek of the chest serves to cover the dove-tail, and is a quarter of a hole: the shaft of the climacis five sixths of a hole and twelve holes and a quarter thick: the thickness of the square piece which reaches to the climacis is five twelfths, at its ends one sixteenth: the diameter of the round axis must be equal to the chêlos, but near its turning points three sixteenths less.

Morgan translation

8The breadth of the inner slips is one quarter of a hole; their thickness one sixth. The cover-joint or lid of the chelonium is dove-tailed into the shafts of the ladder, and is three sixteenths of a hole in breadth and one twelfth in thickness. The thickness of the square piece on the ladder is three sixteenths of a hole, . . . the diameter of the round axle will be equal to that of the claw, but at the pivots seven sixteenths of a hole.