The Ten Books on Architecture, 10.10.2

Vitruvius  Parallel editions

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Gwilt translation

2The height and width of the holes in the capital are thus fashioned. The plates (tabulæ) which are at the top and bottom of the capital, and which are called parallels (paralleli) are equal in thickness to one hole, in width to one and three quarters, and at their extremities to one hole and a half. The side posts (parastatæ) right and left, exclusive of the tenons four holes high and five thick, the tenons three quarters of a hole. From the hole to the middle post also three quarters of a hole, the width of the middle post one hole and a quarter, its thickness one hole.

Morgan translation

2The height and breadth of the capital itself must then conform to the size of the holes. The boards at the top and bottom of the capital, which are called “peritreti,” should be in thickness equal to one hole, and in breadth to one and three quarters, except at their extremities, where they equal one hole and a half. The sideposts on the right and left should be four holes high, excluding the tenons, and five twelfths of a hole thick; the tenons, half a hole. The distance from a sidepost to the hole is one quarter of a hole, and it is also one quarter of a hole from the hole to the post in the middle. The breadth of the post in the middle is equal to one hole and one eighth, the thickness, to one hole.